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Mr. Gomes was graduated in 1984 as Mechanical Engineer from the Catholic University of Rio an specialized in the Engineering of Pipelines and Terminals in 1987. Holds a degree in Civil Engineering of the Federal University of Rio - UFRJ ( MSc, 1994) and a MBA in Knowledge Management from Catholic University of Parana (2000).

In 1984 Mr. Guedes Gomes began activities as engineer with NATRON (Consultant), developing numerical models for pipeline stress analysis (FEA). He joined Petrobras in 1987, as trainee. After induction, he gained experience in Marine Terminal and Pipelines Sector in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for two years.

From 1989 to 2000 he worked in Petrobras R&D Center in the Subsea Engineering Sector, being responsible for Petrobras Pipeline Technology Program – PRODUT. During this period  he helped to develop Piggable Subsea Equipment, Pigging Technology, Stress Analysis in Subsea Pipelines, Multi-size Pigs, Flow Assurance Technology etc. 

From 2000-2008 Mr. Guedes Gomes exercised the position of Technology Manager, Business Development General Manager and Pipeline & Terminals Director in Petrobras Transporte (Transpetro). He was appointed as President of Abreu e Lima Refinery, a Petrobras subsidiary in installed in the Northeast of Brazil in 2008, holding it until 2013.

Chair of IBP Pipelines Commission  – Brazilian Petroleum Institute, President of Pipeline Technology Center - CTDUT, Chair of Pipeline Systems Division of  ASME International – American Society of Mechanical Engineers.