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Prof. dr. ir. Rudi Denys, was graduated in 1970 from the Gent University and earned his PhD degree in materials engineering from the same university in 1976. He is author of more than 200 scientific papers relating to pipeline integrity and welded constructions.

He became director of the Soete Laboratory in October 1996. He is renowned for development of the internationally applied toughness requirements for large diameter pipelines.  He is teaching the course of “Fracture Mechanics” at UGent. His current research work is focused on the development of flaw acceptance and flaw interaction criteria for high strength pipelines (X80 and X100) subject to elastic and longitudinal post yield strains.

He has worked with most of the major oil and gas companies and pipeline companies around the world, providing consultancy on material selection, inspection and defect acceptance in Europe, Japan, China, North and South America, Australia and the Middle East.He has performed research for many international committees, including the European Pipeline Research Group and the American Gas Association's Pipeline Research Council International. He organized many international conferences in relation to his field of expertise, amongst which the well known Pipeline Conference in Ostend. He has received awards from:

  • the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 
  • the A. Davis Silver of the Medal American Welding Society (USA), 
  • the Belgian Research Foundation (Belgium),  Hewlett-Packard (Switzerland),
  • the South African Harvey Shacklock Gold Medal, 
  • the Welding Institute of Australia,
  • the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI-American Gas Association), Washington, USA,  

for his ”Eminent Scientific Achievements that have Enhanced the Integrity and Environmental Performance of Energy Pipelines Around the World”.