Member of the panel

Image Member of the panel

1980: After his studies, lecturer at Verlag Handwerk und Technik, Hamburg, for the  metal technology area (literacy for apprenticeship and studies).

1984-2003: Working at Beuth Verlag, a subsidiary of DIN in various positions (head of lecturing, head of sales, head of publishing company) and as managing director

2003-2007: Responsible inside DIN for work management within the norming including process management, personnel planning, invention of it-supported working material

Since May 2007: Head of Innovation within DIN, responsible for multiple projects like "innovation with norms and standards", "transfer of reserach- and development result through norming and standardization" in cooperation with and in assistance by German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

Since Juli 2011: member of the management and deputy director of DIN

Since 2013: Member of the Board of DIN