Assurance - Innovation - Safety

Key Drivers for Corporate Governance in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Industry has consistently focused on the safe, reliable, environmentally sound and efficient operation of all related assets. Every day efforts are made towards reaching the goal of zero incidents. 

Safety, Assurance and Innovation are key driving elements towards reaching this goal. These elements will be the theme of the second bi-annual international ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum taking place in Lingen (Ems), Germany from June 4th to 6th, 2014.

The Forum will encourage thought provoking discussions through active engagement and solicit outcome based recommendations.  The Forum focus will include, but is not limited to, the following questions:

  • What is the impact of worldwide regional differences as it relates to governmental regulations?
  • Is regional standardization blocking global innovation?
  • Evolution or revolution? Long-term vision versus short-term benefits? 
  • Learning by doing? Do we have a culture to benefit from experience?
  • Where is the synergy in regional and cultural differences for a worldwide business?


Agenda of the ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum 2014

June, 4th 
Day 1 starts at lunch, covering technical presentations followed by a networking and exchange Event including a Keynote Address by Hermann Rosen, Founder of ROSEN and Chairman of the Board. The first day closes with an social "icebreaker" event.

June, 5th
Day 2 will resume with a welcome address by Friedrich Hecker, CEO of the ROSEN Group. The full day forum, starts with a keynote speaker and subsequent round table discussions. Additionally, panel discussion with well-known experts will discuss industry topics open minded. The set up will encourage a broad exchange between all participating guests. The Forum will be concluded by the Conference Dinner (Your partners are welcome).

June, 6th
Day 3 starts with a conference breakfast and forum synopsis. This shall be followed by live technology demonstrations presented at the ROSEN Technology & Research Center. The Forum will end after midday.


About the ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum

The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum 2014 is an international event intended for key decision makers in the Oil and Gas industry. 

Limited number of participants - personal invitation necessary.

Keynote Address, Speakers and Panel Members of the Forum are highly reputable members of Universities and Industry Associations, Operators,
Non-Governmental Organizations, Regulatory Agencies and Government Representatives.


Moderator of the panel discussion

Heinz Watzka, former Managing Director of Open Grid Europe GmbH serves since 2014 as Senior Advicer for PTC Conference and EITEP GmbH, Consultant and Lecturer for different Universities in the field of Oil&Gas.

The ROSEN Group is glad that we were able to win Mr. Watzka to guide the ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum 2014 through a vivid discussion.

Attending PAnel Members

Following Panel Members are already looking forward to discuss industry driving questions together with you. More to come soon!