Poll Results Edition 7

(a) $0.05
(b) $0.10
(c) $0.15
(d) $0.20

Now, this seems like an easy one, but let’s tackle it algebraically:

(1) bat + ball = $1.10
(2) bat – ball = $1.00

Summing equations (1) and (2), we get:

(3) 2 * bat = $2.10

So, the bat costs $1.05. And the ball, by extension, costs $0.05. The answer is (a).


Or not, apparently. One third of respondents got this one wrong. What’s more, almost all of them thought the answer was (b) $0.10.

What’s going on here? I thought Facets was distributed to the engineering community??

Well, the bat and ball question is taken from a cognitive reflection test (CRT). CRT questions are designed to trick you, leading you towards a gut reaction that is incorrect. To be successful in a CRT, you need to overcome your cognitive biases and engage in more critical, analytical thinking.

So, well done if you got this one right – but don’t feel too bad if you didn’t.