The Challenge

Image The Challenge

RWE runs a network of underground gas storage pipelines. These pipelines are designed for a given number of stress cycles, and therefore have an expected ‘lifetime’.
To calculate the remaining life of these pipelines, pressure data as well as static parameters like wall thickness, diameter and pipeline material are delivered by the client.
ROSEN can determine the already used pressure cycles and uses the other inputs to calculate the remaining service life of the system using ROAIMS Stress Analyst software.

The Solution

Image The Solution

With pressure data, a fatigue lifetime calculation of structures can be performed. The ROAIMS Stress Analyst module uses the ‘Rainflow’ algorithm to determine the already used pressure cycles. The software calculates the remaining pressure cycles and thus, the remaining fatigue life of structures. A long-term monitoring strategy can be implemented through continuously updating the input data.

Customer Benefit

Image Customer Benefit
  • Determination of used Life Cycles
  • Calculation of Remaining Fatigue Life
  • Yearly surveillance/update leads to a long-term Monitoring System