The Challenge

Image The Challenge

72 kilometers of 24” and 282 kilometers of 28” pipeline, totaling 354 kilometers needing to be pre-commissioned, and there was no existing way of servicing it. In 2014 the internally coated multiphase gas line from the Thailand Offshore Muda Riser Platform to the Malaysian Onshore Terengganu Gas Terminal, built as a joint venture cooperation between TTM (Thai-Trans Malaysia) and PCBS (PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd) was ready for pre-commissioning and waiting to transport its final product. The time frame: a short 8 weeks.

What was needed? 7 high performance dual diameter/dual module dewatering cleaning tools, handling equipment for the tools themselves, and assurance that the pre-commissioning work would be successful. Only then would the pipeline be ready for operation.

The Expectations

Custom built pump test field in Lingen (Ems), Germany
Custom built pump test field in Lingen (Ems), Germany

As the ROSEN team, consisting of specialists from Lingen and Kuala Lumpur, got to work, it was clear the challenges were extensive making it the perfect job for ROSEN. Delivering a high quality solution in only 8 weeks would be a challenge in itself. The specialized tools needed to navigate the following geometry while still providing optimal sealing:

  • Dual diameter 24/28"
  • 354 km length of dry pipeline environment
  • 30 degrees 24" Y-piece
  • 10 degrees 24" misalignment flange
  • 3D bend
  • 5D gooseneck bend
  • Undersized launcher barrel
  • Time frame: 8 weeks from order to delivery

The physical characteristics of the pipeline itself were challenging in its own. It’s interior, yet again, presented difficulties. As often the case in pre-commissioning work the dry conditions made for an extremely abrasive interior pipeline surface, potentially effecting the performance of the polyurethane discs the tools were equipped with. The challenges presented were apparent, finding the solution quickly was the true incentive for the ROSEN team.

The Answer to the Question

Before the 354 km run in dry pipeline conditions.
Before the 354 km run in dry pipeline conditions.

As a worldwide market leader in providing pipeline inspection services and over 30 years of technical and practical experience, ROSEN designed a customized cleaning solution capable to case all mentioned challenges and simultaneously provide high dewatering performance.

Rising to the challenge the solution was developed: First, the cleaning tools themselves, a total of 7 high performance and customized dewatering cleaning tools. Quickly ROSEN Asia Pacific in cooperation with the Cleaning Support Team at the ROSEN Research and Technology Center and the ROSEN Factory, began designing and producing tools that were capable of handling the complicated pipeline environment.

An optimized disc setup, combined with the outstanding properties of ROSEN’s in-house formulated RoPlasthan polyurethane material, especially designed for pipeline inspection and cleaning applications, lead to an unmatched wear resistance and dewatering performance in the dry pipeline environment.

In addition, the dewatering tools included a specially designed buffer and high performance coupling that made them able to safely pass all challenging features.

In parallel, the Technical Testing Group went on to replicate the line on the test field in Lingen (Ems). As the tool evolved and the testing system was completed the verification process began. After testing and documentation the team was sure the solution would render successful results in the actual line.

In November 2014 the tools and the handling equipment, provided by ROSEN, were transported to site and the pre-commissioning work was underway.

Success Delivered

ROSEN delivered. 8 weeks later the project was completed in full, within the time required. Not only were the basic requirements met, but the work was done to the customer’s utmost satisfaction. The tailor-made cleaning tools were capable of safely passing all challenging geometry features, which was certified through the pump test conducted in Lingen.

The onsite performance of the dewatering tools was remarkable. As seen in before and after photographs the tools suffered minor wear and tear. The, what ROSEN considers standard, high performance RoPlasthan polyurethanes discs emerged with barely a scratch after the 354 km run, despite the dry pipeline conditions, only confirming the optimal sealing for the dewatering of the pipeline.

Customer Benefit

The upmarket, high performance solution provided in November 2014 delivers:

  • Upmarket solution capable of rising to the challenges presented
  • Confidence and peace of mind through testing in realistic scenarios
  • Project execution has saved the operators demanding commissioning schedule by delivery in short time
  • Customized cleaning solution capable to safely pass all challenging features
  • High performance verified in onsite dewatering with significant reduced drying activities after run