The Challenge

Image The Challenge

With many of their assets decaying over time, operators are looking to inspection vendors to provide solutions for their low pressure pipelines. In low pressure pipelines, though many other obstacles may also exist, a dominant challenge is to overcome speed excursions during inspections.

Though the factors that contribute to speed excursions, such as excessive girth welds, bends, dents, diameter changes, riser stations, etc., exist in most pipelines, the effects are increased in a low flow or low pressure environment. For this specific solution the following challenges were found in the operators 10” low pressure pipeline:

  • Sour gas pipeline
  • Operating pressure ~10 bar
  • Limited flow conditions available

The Solution

Image The Solution

The operator’s needs were clear, provide a solution that ensures tool velocity is within optimal data quality specifications without any disruptions to normal pipeline operations. With that in mind ROSEN’s Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics engineers set forth to optimize the dynamic behavior of the inspection solution, concentrating on three core objectives:

  • Constant and minimized friction
  • Minimized difference between static/dynamic friction
  • Optimized sealing


The solution utilized ROSEN’s high resolution MFL technology, supplemented with  the following elements:

  • Low friction yokes
  • Low friction pull unit
  • Customized yoke support system
  • Friction reducing odometer unit
  • Ultra-compact design


Image Benefit


Increased uptime - Inspection can be performed during standard operation eliminating pipeline downtime. Low flow / low pressure approach avoids the need for costly onsite support equipment and additional mediums such as nitrogen.


Tool design reduces probability of speed excursions thus mitigating risk of tool damages and subsequent reruns. MFL technology is a robust and proven technology known to be least sensitive to debris. Increasing first run success rate and reducing miscalls.        



High resolution MFL data quality, 100% coverage in one single pass meeting strict regulatory requirements.