The Challenge

Image The Challenge

This project involved a client who operates more than 1200 kilometers of offshore and 20 kilometers of onshore pipelines. As part of the project, ROSEN implemented ROAIMS for pipelines including critical interfaces to CMMS and customization of defect assessments. The assignment also required digitization of analog integrity records, and reconstruction of a digital catalogue for their assets.


The Solution

The implementation of defect assessment methods requires detailed information about the pipeline construction and the existing defects. The consolidation of all information into a single data model (e.g. Pipeline Open Data Standard, PODS) was an essential item, which allowed the engineering software modules to perform the requested analysis methods. Another item considered in the implementation of the software was the IT infrastructure. Over the last decades, pipeline operators have made significant investments in software systems and IT infrastructures in order to organize internal business processes such as maintenance or asset management (e.g. CMMS). As a consequence, the integrated approach needed to consider interaction with existing systems, as well as appropriate modification of internal workflows.

ROSEN experts (GIS, Integrity, Data, Implementation, etc) interacted closely with client’s team to successfully implement the needed system.

ROSEN Asset Integrity Management Software (ROAIMS) is a modular software suite covering all components of an effective integrity program.


Customer Benefit

  • PIMS implementation resulting in a centralized system for all integrity related matters
  • Development of customized algorithms to ensure compatibility with client-specific methodologies
  • Custom interfaces (ESRI, ArcGIS, MS SharePoint, IBM Maximo) to ensure full digital process support
  • On-site data integration of pipeline records and connected offshore data structure making analog data interpretable for further use in automated assessments.