The Challenge


Greek mobile service operators are faced with the challenge of not having additional right of way to increase mobile network capacity.

Adding more antennae to the existing infrastructure would therefore be the most efficient option. So the most suitable measure is to increase loading capacity of existing towers in order to deploy more telecom infrastructure (mirrors and mobile antennae). Our service allows the operator to know the integrity condition and loading potential of the inspected asset.

The Solution

ROSEN uses state of the art technologies to optimally execute a base line assessment of bolted structures, such as Telecommunication towers. The service deliverable may include:

  • digital modeling of the structure
  • detection of deviations with respect to the reference model
  • identification of the most critical areas
  • on-site detailed inspection of those critical areas and report of the current condition of the asset along with recommendation for its repair
  • modification or enhancement.

Using digital image processing our experts are capable to compare the current status of the asset against its ideal reference in order to detect deviations that go beyond acceptable thresholds. UT probes, corrosion mappers, etc. are then used to perform a more detailed assessment of the relevant parts of the structure. These two steps allows for a focused approach that results in more effective and reliable results that can then be used for investment decision making.

deviation 220x260

Picture showing deviations to reference.

Key Advantages

  • Service delivery without shut-down or impact to the integrity of the asset
  • Accurate record of the integrity condition of the inspected asset
  • Compared to visual inspection, the service is delivered in less time and less field personnel
  • Offers a standardized method that is controllable and can be executed by trained technicians
  • Deliverables establish a traceable record of the asset