Application Information

The software design follows ROSEN’s unique “control loop” approach to pipeline integrity. This loop provides the high-level design guideline for the product and drives ongoing product enhancements in the following areas:

Processing: An up-to-date and accurate view of the current state of the physical route and associated facilities. This is often delivered through direct GIS interfaces.

Inspection and Testing: ROAIMS facilitates Integration and alignment of any type of inspection data including ILI, aboveground surveys and visual inspections.

Asset Integrity Management: Procedures defined by codes, regulations and industry best practices can be managed by modules within the suite. This helps operators to perform specific tasks such as risk measures or inspection analysis. 

Rehabilitation: Assessments in the field of asset integrity management usually result in tasks or actions about identified threats. These tasks can be managed and tracked using ROAIMS rehabilitation modules or, via interfaces, other work order management systems.



ROAIMS for Pipelines is a highly modular system developed entirely “in-house”.  External technologies are limited to:

  • ESRI ArcGIS Engine: Spatial functionality inside ROAIMS is developed utilizing ESRI technology.
  • PODS data model: If an operator starts from scratch with an enterprise database as part of a PIMS implementation, ROAIMS will typically attempts to implement the PODS model. In any case if enterprise (geo)databases are already available, we specialize in directly interfacing those to avoid redundancies.