The ROAIMS Feature Assessment software module enables users to identify critical safety issues, produce repair lists, and calculate safe remaining life and much more.

Application Information

In-line inspection (ILI) data are critical for assessing pipeline integrity. The Feature Assessment module, which handles this information, delivers core functionalities within the ROAIMS software suite.
 Users can analyze ILI data from any inspection vendor on the basis of various defect assessment codes and calculate key parameters such as safe operating pressure and remaining life.
Feature Assessment interacts with other modules, including the Task Manager, to create action lists and repair plans. 

Module Description

The Feature Assessment module enables users to:

  • Identify critical safety issues using various assessment codes (e.g. B31.G, RSTRENG and DNV)
  • Generate immediate repair lists based on safety codes, e.g. DOT, SNIP, API 1160
  • Calculate safe remaining life by applying corrosion growth rates to defects
  • Generate queries, views, charts and reports to assess actual asset condition and produce feature location sheets for field verification and repair (ISFR)
  • Edit, delete and update anomaly data e.g. after repairs
  • Consider all recorded and evaluated inline inspection data and use cluster rules to calculate feature interactions
  • Connect directly to the Document Repository module to allow for association of reports and pictures to defects