The streamlined software design uses a single, comprehensive database and provides a range of user-friendly applications that simplify data organization, support in establishing users hierarchies, centralize relevant design ( e.g. tank, piping, heat exchanges, vessels, etc). datasets, keep record of  inspection and repairs, integrity assessment calculations, remaining Life calculations, reporting and budgeting.

Developed in line with: EEMUA 159, API 580/581 app., API 653, API 570 / API 2611, ASME B31G / ASME B31.3/4, API RP 572, API 353, PAS 55 (IMS), RCM Classic, ROSEN experiences.  

Application Information

ROAIMS for Plants and Terminals enables you to define and conduct efficient, auditable and well-structured integrity processes to support your day-to-day work.

The software offers support for: 
Processing: integration, storage and analysis of information on design and construction

Inspection and testing: relates collected inspection and testing data to specific asset components

Asset integrity management: assessment of asset condition through data analysis and reference to safety codes and regulations to generate comprehensive, risk-based inspection plans.

Rehabilitation: combines risk-based inspection (RBI) plans with planned maintenance schedules to define necessary actions. Implementation and management of these actions, including tracking of all repair and maintenance activities.