Facility operators rely on software systems for an overview of their assets. The system they choose must be easy-to-use and sufficiently flexible to match the reality of their business processes.

The ROAIMS Asset Manager software module provides operators with a flexible means of asset administration that can be customized to match their specific business processes.

Application Information

The Asset Manager is the most central module of the software suite. It provides the initial view on the managed asset register and controls the access to the various applications. 

As a central feature of the software suite, this application enables timely implementation and optimal management of all required measures thus ensuring the success of the Integrity Management Plan.

Module Description


  • Create, display and navigate through the entire asset register (e.g. tanks, heat exchangers, piping, pumps, valves, vessels, Air Coolers, pumps, filters, etc)
  • Access specific applications while running data integration and integrity exercises.
  • Offer a single view of all assets and allows the user to query and edit the specifications.
  • Organize and control system-wide metrics like unit systems, symbologies, access rights etc.
  • Equipment and sub-components can be grouped into a logical tree structure