Materials in the metals, tube and pipe, railway, and other industries have to meet a number of challenging requirements – be it due to very high stresses in their area of application, legal requirements, or your customers’ quality and safety requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect every type of product and asset to the smallest detail that may pose a risk to people and the environment.



ROSEN offers industrial nondestructive testing solutions for semifinished and end products as part of a holistic service package that ranges from consulting, manufacturing and on-site installation to modernization to the support of manufacturers and operators in finding even the smallest features, ensuring safety and the highest level of quality and asset maintenance – beyond compliance.


With more than 40 years of experience in the inspection of industrial assets, the ROSEN Group also provides its expertise to the metal, tube and pipe, railway, aerospace, and automotive industries. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art inspection technologies.

Technology is the driving force behind the solutions we create and the value we provide to our customers. Accordingly, we are always on a path towards enhancing and extending our technology portfolio in order to deliver innovative products and services well into the future.



The metals industry manufactures heavy and thick plates, profile steel, strips, and bars and billets for safety-critical assets that are later shaped into end products – for instance in the pipe industry, in machine building, in infrastructure and transportation, and in steel and bridge construction. These semifinished products must be sound and accurately inspected. Visual control is generally not sufficient to detect internal defects.

Operating in automated mode, ROSEN’s testing solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the production process if desired. Let ROSEN help you secure the highest quality standards for your products. Your customers count on you.

Find out more about our testing systems for the tube and pipe industry:
PLAMAT – Inspection System for Heavy Plates and Strips
PLAMAT Mobile – Inspection System for Heavy Plates
SCAN-IT – Immersion Tank Scanner for Billets

Tubes & Pipes

Used in many industries, tubes and pipes must be capable of withstanding extreme pressure and temperatures. In order to ensure construction safety, even minimal inaccuracies in the material must be detected during the tube and pipe production process.

All of it is familiar territory for ROSEN: our industrial testing solutions detect discontinuities and other flaws, such as cracks, laminations, wall thickness, defects in weld seams, heat-affected zones, and material properties in plates and coils, welded tubes and pipes, and seamless tubes and pipes. Be certain that your products are absolutely sound – before they leave the pipe mill. Others count on it.

Find out more about our testing systems for the tube and pipe industry:
PLAMAT – Inspection System for Heavy Plates and Strips
PLAMAT Mobile – Inspection System for Heavy Plates


Trains and railways are a critical part of the public transport infrastructure. Rails, as well as rolling stock components of railways, such as wheel sets, wheels and axles, are subject to a high level of dynamic stress. Continuous inspections during the production process and during the operational lifetime are critical in order to meet quality and safety standards, increase operating time, and, more importantly, to detect potential damage as early as possible. ROSEN’s inspection solutions detect internal and surface cracks in rolling stock components and rails – at manufacturing facilities and in maintenance shops alike.

Find out more about our railway inspection solutions:
RATIS – Inspection System for Rails
RAWIS – Inspection System for Railway Wheels
SCAN-IT – Immersion Tank Scanner for Railway Axles

Additional Industries

Over the past decades, the ROSEN Group has established a name for itself in many different markets as a reliable partner for competitive, tailored solutions that get to the heart of the problem and generate sustainable business value for our customers. Accordingly, ROSEN is able to bring its expertise into the most diverse applications and go beyond perceived boundaries.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for solutions for new industries, such as nondestructive testing in the aerospace and automotive industries.

After-Sales & Services

Due to the intensive use of nondestructive testing systems under the harsh production conditions in steel mills, pipe mills and workshops, they are subjected to heavy stresses. For this reason, it is imperative that these testing systems are regularly maintained and serviced.

Experienced ROSEN technicians and engineers support these systems from engineering and manufacturing through commissioning to end of life or modernization with service, maintenance, repair and upgrades. Our service includes:

  • Calibration according to DIN EN ISO 22232 or DIN EN ISO 18563, respectively
  • Probes and sensors
  • Remote servicing
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Repair services
  • Software updates
  • Spare-parts security due to high degree of in-house production
  • Spare-parts stocking according to agreement
  • Laboratory tests, simulations, feasibility studies
  • Prototype construction of sensors, probes and test mechanics
  • Application-specific special services
  • Revamping solutions
  • Automation


Our clients benefit from certainty in their production processes as well as increased productivity and reduced operating costs because we provide:

Individual Turnkey Solutions From a Full-Service Provider With Great In-House Production Depth

We deliver modular testing systems with high flexibility in application and functionality and are a strong partner when it comes to developing new solutions, enabling customers to find the right solution according to their individual needs.
In doing so, we involve clients, customers and independent institutions in the development and certification process of our industrial nondestructive testing solutions to ensure that the system meets all necessary regulations and, at a minimum, to enable rapid acceptance of the testing systems by regulatory authorities. Great in-house production depth plays a significant role, as do comprehensive in-house competencies in engineering, mechanics, automation, electronics, etc. All help to enable high flexibility in terms of individual requirements while ensuring long-term spare-parts availability.

Technological Advances

We develop innovative and exceptional solutions based on the latest technologies to set standards and contribute to market development. Designed for Industry 4.0, our testing systems provide high data quality and reliability as a basis for quality management and compliance with international and customer-specific standards.


In order to meet the demands of our customers, we aim to ensure that every single component of our industrial testing solutions meets the highest standards and is equipped with the latest technologies.

In-House Sensor Manufacturing

The ROSEN Group has extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of probes and applies it not only to high-quality probes for its automated inspection solutions but also beyond. We serve different markets and applications with tailor-made solutions according to customer-specific requirements. Our portfolio covers immersion, bubbler, contact and thickness probes in various geometrical shapes and with different configurations and performance figures.

As a full-service solution provider with expertise in simulation, prototyping, design, manufacturing, validation and certification of sensors for a wide range of technologies, ROSEN has a complete in-house value chain with high flexibility and independence from third-party suppliers. Accordingly, we guarantee solid quality and high acoustic performance.

Modular Inspection Electronics ROMIS

Electronics are an important component for the operation of a testing system, as they enable the generation, reception and processing of sensor signals while also controlling the individual elements of the system. With ROMIS (ROSEN Modular Inspection System), ROSEN has developed a user-friendly electronic environment that supports different types of inspection technologies and can be adapted to individual applications and requirements due to its modular principle. Well-proven components are combined with a robust design in the form of a closed, fanless housing with a small form factor to ensure the best possible data quality.
Learn more about the ROSEN Modular Inspection System

Operating Software IDIP

ROSEN’s operating and evaluation software IDIP (Industrial Diagnostics Inspection Platform) allows the configuration and setup of a machine as well as the determination of an inspection program for fully automated inspections without user interaction. The software follows a modular principle that allows it to be used in a wide range of applications. Starting from the basic functionalities, necessary software modules can be easily added and configured to meet the requirements of specific applications.

With ROSEN, you get more than just a testing system – you get a promise. There is simply no better way to ensure safety, quality and compliance.

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