Decision support when inspection schedules are challenged
Keep your pipeline integrity on track

In-line inspections and excavations are critical components of every operator’s Integrity Management Program. Threat assessment plans can be disrupted for many reasons, including political instability, socio-economic pressures, operational factors and extreme weather events. In these difficult times, operators still bear responsibility for the safe and reliable operation of critical infrastructure to deliver vital resources. ROSEN delivers inspection services under challenging conditions worldwide and has the staff, training, equipment and procedures to ensure that inspections can be completed safely. However, in some circumstances, it may be necessary for an operator to either extend the schedule of a planned inspection or reaffirm the need to complete it in a required timeframe.

When operators are faced with having to reschedule inspection or remediation, our integrity experts are here to assist with Integrity Management Program decision support. We can support operators with a structured review of their assets’ integrity, based upon extensive experience, and recommend alternate schedules, supplemental activities and compliance requirements.

Our aim is to provide operators with decision support by providing the necessary experts for technical justification to:

  • safely re-schedule,
  • demonstrate what is critical and
  • maintain compliance.

Integrity Management Program

Level 1: Assessment interval review

A qualitative assessment led by an experienced pipeline integrity consultant that addresses all the relevant elements of the operator’s Integrity Management Program in accordance with guidance in ASME B31.8S, API 1160 and other relevant codes. We deliver a clear summary impact assessment of a potential six-month deferral of the inspection in accordance with CFR 192.943 and 195.452(j)(4). The assessment is completed within seven working days from receipt of relevant information.


Level 2: Detailed review for sentencing present features

When additional threat or feature analysis is required for a relevant element of the IMP, we can augment the confidence in any decision with an expert evaluation. Examples include a pipeline-specific corrosion-growth assessment or feature-specific remaining-life assessment. Level 2 may be appropriate for pipelines where a clear conclusion cannot be made at Level 1 based on the information available. This assessment would be completed within 15 working days.


Level 3: Advanced analysis for assessment scheduling

Advanced analyses of the potential risks associated with rescheduling inspections, such as probabilistic studies and finite element analyses selected in consultation with pipeline integrity experts on a case-by-case basis. The schedule will depend on the threats addressed and on the scope of analysis.


Contact your local ROSEN representative to explore the options most suitable for you.