The Challenge

In our industry, the ultimate goal is to achieve zero incidents, however operators oftentimes lack orientation on how to approach this goal in a systematic manner in order to make the right decisions at the right time. Constantly increasing amounts of data, rising complexity of both applicable risk algorithms and defect assessment methods, and a lack of qualified personnel to manage the increasing number of tasks make integrity management an overall challenging process for operators. There is a need for an instrument that allows operators to optimize their efforts and focus on the essentials: fulfilling regulatory requirements and ensuring safe operation of their assets at all times.

The Solution

The process of integrity assessment varies with country-specific regulations, data availability and the specific threats being present. ROSEN understands that flexible process modelling and allowing processes to work against available data is key to perform valid and reliable integrity assessments. Our Integrity Management Software, NIMA, does just that. Its unique Process Engine supports workflow and process automation and unifies data and integrity management tasks.

Acknowledging the need for guidance in integrity management, NIMA is a cloud-based software solution that allows easy and secure sharing of information, process definitions and workloads with service providers and other industry stakeholders.



In order to comply with the regulatory requirement of traceable, verifiable and complete records, operators need to know the exact position and characteristics of any component of their pipeline. NIMA supports data analysts with integrating, managing and maintaining large amounts of location data and any other asset-related data originating from different systems and in different formats. NIMA offers full integration with ESRI ArcGIS Pro, providing the full power of the ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing.



The first step to wise decision-making is for operators to have precise information about the condition of their assets. NIMA supports integrity engineers to execute their own trusted key processes against their most accurate data, applying both qualitative and complex quantitative algorithms as the basis for being able to reliably assess the integrity status of an asset. Through this, operators can identify critical assets and develop action plans to return them to an acceptable condition.



Once the integrity status of their assets is identified and assessed, operators need to determine required actions and develop an integrity management plan. The ultimate goal is to reduce the occurrence of incidents to a minimum. NIMA supports operators in the decision-making process by visibly displaying the key performance indicators on a dashboard, making them easily comprehensible for management staff.


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The Benefits

With the integrity management process being a complex undertaking, NIMA can be seen as a guide that supports you in turning the ultimate goal of zero incidents into tangible tasks. 

Fully integrated. Isolated software packages, redundant databases and multiple user environments are no longer an issue. Fully integrated with ESRI’s ArcGIS platform, NIMA offers well-defined, understandable and extendable workflow integration. All workflows related to the integrity management process are clearly defined and visible to all users so that they know what the next step is. 

Always up-to-date. All relevant data is guaranteed to be the most up-to-date data available from your company’s system of record and even straight from the field.

Heavy lifting. NIMA supports fast integration and processing of huge amounts of data. Don’t worry about big data – let NIMA do the heavy lifting.

Truly transparent. Today’s stringent regulations require now, more than ever, clear documentation of the integrity management process. NIMA supports data analysts, integrity engineers and consultants with a truly transparent way to trace down and communicate what has been done in the integrity management process and how it has been done.

Clear governance.
NIMA is designed to support both the data management and the integrity assessment side of your business. The separation of upload, alignment and analysis of data greatly clarifies and simplifies the governance of data and processes.

Always at your fingertips. NIMA is available as a cloud-based service and allows you and your experts immediate, quick and easy access to information at any time, whether it is inside or outside of your workplace. This software-as-a-service approach is a flexible solution that respects the dynamic nature of decision-making.