Based on our vast experience with in-line inspection records we utilize this detailed source for comparisons with previous inspections and quality checks of as-built data.

Examples of services are:

  • High consequence area/class location analysis to determine which segments of an operator’s transmission system are located within High Consequence Areas.
  • In-line inspection data box-matching: independently of the inspection service provider used in the past, ROSEN aligns in-line inspection records and applies a configurable matching metric to identify potential change. The results are typically utilized for detailed integrity analysis and corrosion growth assessments and thus as a basis for prioritization and safety decisions.
  • Pipeline as-built data validation: in-line inspections provide highly accurate information on wall thickness changes, casings, and installations, etc. ROSEN aligns and compares this data to a given centerline and identifies inconsistencies as a basis for potential route adjustments.


  • Pipeline as-built Data Validation 
  • Geotechnical Threat Assessment
  • HCA Class Analysis
  • In-Line Inspection Data Comparison
  • Terminal Management System
  • Compliance Document Management