ROSEN connects the physical parameters of the pipeline route with environmental factors to identify high-risk areas. For such GIS-enabled services we utilize various spatial datasets as well as results from inertially-enabled in-line inspections.

ROSEN provides a range of GIS analysis and integration services, including:

  • Remote sensing acquisition: through its international network, ROSEN transmits remote sensing data. In combination with an XYZ mapping survey, high- resolution imagery provides excellent snapshots allowing identification of nearby construction activities.
  • Environmental change assessment: to help clients understand external influences on their assets, ROSEN offers a range of environmental analyses and indicators to determine potential impact.
  • Geotechnical assessment: a GIS-based service for pipeline operators to determine geotechnical risk to pipeline assets.
  • Pipeline movement assessment: evaluation of pipeline displacement based on XYZ mapping data collected in the course of a single or consecutive inspections.

service options

  • Remote Sensing Acquisition
  • Pipeline GIS Consulting
  • Environmental Change Analysis
  • Geo enabled ILI Prioritization
  • Pipeline Movement