Rather than in isolation, ROSEN offers its services as a complete integrity package. Clients typically involve ROSEN integrity engineers in their day-to-day work, thereby benefiting from ROSEN’s expertise gained in projects worldwide.

Typical long-term involvements include:

  •  Data gathering and integration: ROSEN data experts collect and align data for critical major integrity records, either remotely or on site.
  •  Risk analysis: integrity engineers implement the anticipated risk model together with the operator and take ownership of feeding and running the required algorithms. Results are discussed with the operator’s integrity team and action plans are defined.
  •  Post inspection assessments: ROSEN provides advice on immediate, medium and long-term maintenance and repair activities, even if the existing asset data was obtained through other service providers or inspection methods.
  • Information updates: records are maintained from any in-field activities. These records are very valuable for future integrity analysis. ROSEN data experts make sure information is linked and aligned to the right components, so that future assessments can leverage it to their benefit.

ROSEN has long-term master service agreements with major operators who very successfully apply this integrity model. We ensure that our engineers who are either remotely or locally assigned meet the highest expectations, as trust and credibility are the cornerstones of such agreements.