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Nevertheless operators still seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time and resources on a reactive 'fire-fighting' approach rather than on long-term strategic planning.

Whilst this type of reactive integrity management may be tolerated during acceptable product-price periods, it certainly becomes problematic and unsustainable in a difficult economic climate where financial efficiency is targeted.

Effective Corrosion Control & Management can ensure integrity and minimize cost.

Broad experience in corrosion consultancy

ROSEN corrosion experts provide broad experience in corrosion consultancy to international clients from a wide-range of industry sectors:

  • Corrosion risk assessments & corrosion management strategies
  • Corrosion control, mitigation & prevention
  • Corrosion modelling, growth and life time predictions
  • Optimised inhibition and cleaning
  • Root cause (failure) analysis and mitigation action plans
  • Ageing asset life extension
  • Cathodic protection & coatings consultancy
  • Corrosion Consultancy

By implementing best practice Corrosion Control & Management measures, clients benefit from reduced lifetime costs, and on-going compliance with regulations and legislation (e.g. HSE requirements). This becomes even more relevant in the case of Aging Assets where demonstrating that systems are safe and that legislative requirements are met can be challenging.

Effective Corrosion Control & Management increases operational reliability, maximizes production in the long-term basis which results in capital and operational cost savings.