Talent Management at ROSEN

We have a positive culture and attitude towards employee development: we truly believe that talent is inherent in everyone and want to provide the optimum conditions for this talent to grow. That is why we offer a range of pathways and opportunities for each colleague to grow with us. At the same time, we identify outstanding talents and encourage them to maximize their potential in our company.

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It's great to see that providing development opportunities is not just written in a policy, but really lived across ROSEN, and my career has really benefitted from this culture.
Mousa Almohammedali, Head of Field Operations, ROSEN Group in Saudi Arabia
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Our talent principles

We believe that talent development is a critical leadership competency and responsibility. Our managers take the development of their teams seriously and have regular formal and informal dialogues on performance and career direction. With this guidance, you will be empowered to take responsibility for your own career. You will be supported by our dedicated talent management and training teams, and with your own individual development plan.

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Talent programs

While we nurture each individual talent and drive the development of every individual in our company, our comprehensive internal processes help us identify those who really stand out. Partnering with our own business leaders, leading universities and industry bodies, we develop high-level global training and competency programs that provide our current and future leaders with the learning, development and networking opportunities they need to grow and excel.

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Internal talent pipelines

Our growing organization regularly provides opportunities for progression as vacancies arise throughout the company due to growth and enhanced business needs. When filling these positions, we consider our own colleagues first and discuss opportunities with those who are ready for the next step with us.

Ongoing training and development is targeted throughout the year to address identified gaps and be ready for the next move.

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Add your talent to our team

No matter where you are in your professional development, take a look at how many opportunities you have to bring your talent to us.
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