Technology and Innovation

Technology is driving innovation. We invest in research and development of technologies and innovations to overcome complex challenges by providing valuable solutions. We are passionate about taking ingenuity, safeguard and sustainability into action by focusing on fundamental research and long-term developments.

Technologies and innovations especially in the energy industry are not only part of our long-term products and services, but also applicable to partly standardized processes like logistics or in-house manufacturing and can simplify and improve our daily business enormously.

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A for adapting and b for broadening

We constantly strive to improve our products and services, to broaden their use and to develop new applications. In addition, with our extensive capacities in research and development, we can take on technology projects at the request of individual customers, who are faced by unusual challenges. 

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An evolution of technology competence

When we first began developing inspection solutions for pipelines, we quickly realized that, if we wanted to provide the best service possible, we had to do it all by ourselves. Nothing on the market seemed to satisfy our specific needs and desired quality. To build the perfect inspection tool, we had to possess profound expertise not only in measurement and control technologies, but also in high-performance elastomers and storage, and, eventually, in autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence. The acquisition of competence in further fields such as communication and computation was a natural consequence.