Solutions for Various Business Fields

We provide solutions that keep valuable industrial assets around the world safe and efficient. Our knowledge of sensor and measurement technologies is based on decades of experience in pipeline inspection. But we also make our experience available and provide solutions to plant and terminal operators as well as customers in the broader energy industry and support them in the energy transition.

Two men are sitting at a table in front of a computer, looking at the screen and discussing.

Cross-industry solutions and knowledge exchange

Despite our beginnings in pipeline inspection, we have never stopped expanding our horizons to see where we can support with our technologies and solutions. We focus on how our products and services can improve your operations and continuously explore new applications in other business areas where asset integrity is high on the agenda. In addition, we share our knowledge and experience with the various business fields we serve, whether at conferences, in training sessions or in direct exchanges.

Refinery site in the dark with many lights shining on it and a man in the foreground looking towards the refinery site, wearing a safety helmet and holding a tablet in his hand.

Optimal performance with zero incident

We develop our technologies and solutions with the background of achieving optimum performance for your assets. But beyond that, it is especially important to us to help you keep your assets secure and sustainable to ensure zero incidents. Whether you are in the oil and gas, offshore or mining industries, or considering the transportation of future fuels, your assets and products should be compliant and safe to protect people and the environment.