Research and Development

The only way to make the world safer is through progress. Progress contributes to the security of supply and the improvement of people's lives – today and in the future. We have believed from the beginning that innovative technology solutions are the driving force of progress. Its foundation is research and development as well as knowledge about our customers and their requirements.

Exploring new ways

For over four decades, our research and development team has produced reliable solutions that ensure the safe operation of industrial assets, mainly in the oil and gas sector. As the world rapidly moves in ever new directions, it is vital that we move with it.

Considering latest trends and developments in the world, we must explore new, sustainable approaches. We benefit from our extensive expertise in a variety of different fields to develop solutions that provide us with a clear competitive advantage by paving the way in entirely new directions.

All our research and development projects must fulfill three criteria:

A triangle connecting latest technology with harsh environments and advanced services.
  • Cutting-edge technology:
    Staying on top of technological developments is what allows us to stay flexible and react to any challenge presented to us.
  • Translatable into advanced services:
    Collaborating with our business partners and provide them with the best possible solution to their challenges is our greatest satisfaction.
  • Applicable in harsh environments:
    We have dedicated ourselves to the protection of people and the environment even in the most difficult surroundings you can imagine.

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Building a better future – together!

Leveraging the full creative power of all employees has been a vital element of our corporate culture from the very beginning. Be it revolutionary product designs or small ways to make our everyday work processes more efficient – at ROSEN, each idea can be submitted for vetting via an app developed specifically for this purpose. Regular events such as the Creation Day, ShipIt Day and Student Days give employees the opportunity to come together in individual teams for a day, and work on projects they develop themselves and that may have nothing to do with their usual occupation. Additionally, our employees publish and lecture at prestigious conferences on a regular basis or participate on various platforms. Thus, no potential must ever be left untapped. 

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Join Our Team

Help us make the world safer. Be it by your revolutionary technology designs or by making sure every screw goes where it needs to. We've got a place for you! Want to find out more? Come check out our job fields.
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