For over 40 years, we have ensured that our customers can realize the full potential of their assets. Our passion for innovation drives us to develop cutting-edge technology solutions that deliver profound insights, extend asset life, and optimize performance. Our deep expertise across diverse technology fields, combined with advanced digital and AI capabilities, ensures that you make the best decisions for your unique needs. We don't just offer solutions, we offer a trusted partnership for maximizing the value of your assets.


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Corrosion and Crack Detection in an Offshore Riser and Flowline

A flowline was to be inspected for corrosion and cracks for the first time. Experts had calculated that movement of the flowline in the water could have caused cracks in the girth weld area. However, as a typical offshore riser and flowline, it was not designed for pigging. 
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13 Jun 2024

Dent Scan: Enhancing Pipeline Safety Through Innovative Software Solutions

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29 May 2024

ROSEN Won the 'Iconic Supplier with Inclusive and Sustainable Energy' Award Presented by ECOPETROL

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Solutions for Various Business Fields

We specialize in safeguarding industrial assets worldwide, ensuring their safety and productivity. Drawing on decades of experience in pipeline inspection, we extend our expertise to assist plant and terminal operators as well as clients across the energy industry, in navigating the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

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A comprehensive view

Maintaining industrial assets and infrastructure can only be ensured through a comprehensive understanding of current and predicted future conditions. To develop effective strategies, taking into account regulations as well as the proper use of technologies and methods and their effectiveness, we follow a holistic approach – the plan, do, check, act and set process. Due to the modularity of this process, it can be adapted to any task of operators without losing sight of the big picture.

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Never stop inventing

We thrive on progress and are therefore constantly working to further develop our technologies and create new solutions that pave the way to an even safer and more sustainable future. Our research and development work and manufacturing capacities enable us to respond flexibly to customer requirements and offer tailored solutions for a wide range of challenges.

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Latest Success Stories

Read through our latest articles and case studies and learn how we deal with a variety of challenges and draw benefits for our customers.

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