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Information that enables us to make informed decisions is priceless and therefore one of our most valuable currencies. ROSEN is committed to empowering customers to make the best decisions for the safety, lifetime, and performance of their critical industrial assets and is therefore continuously developing solutions for the effective and efficient management of these assets. Just as we are constantly working to develop our technologies and create new solutions, we are also developing our information channels, such as the free newsletter "Facets," to provide our customers with the most valuable information.

A new design and focus on industry trends

The market is under constant development and is also constantly breaking new ground with the energy transition. As this also changes the requirements and relevance of content for customers, we have adapted our "Facets" newsletter to these evolving market needs. The "Facets" newsletter will now focus more on industry trend topics and our experts will contribute their opinions and experiences on these trends. In addition, "Facets" will now have a new, more modern look, to reflect the company’s direction and its renewed corporate design. Moreover, we will be informing subscribers about the latest projects and innovations in the technology sector even more regularly in future, namely on a monthly basis.


We bring our experience and knowledge to the table

For years, we have been publishing our "Facets" e-newsletter every three months to provide our subscribers with valuable content on the latest innovations in technology and their applications, particularly in the field of asset integrity management. Featuring stories about latest projects in the operational and research and development realm, it delivered proprietary insight into the latest happenings of the ROSEN Group. As our experts, of course, have broader industry knowledge and experience beyond these projects, we are convinced that we can put our deep expertise of different technology areas and the industry in general to much better and even more valuable use for our customers by focusing more on the aforementioned industry trends.

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