Louisa joined ROSEN Europe as Junior Project Manager in July 2021. Louisa is originally from Lingen (Ems), Germany. After being encouraged by a friend who was already part of the ROSEN family, Louisa tried her luck, and, in 2021, she became part of the Oldenzaal office team. She has since been promoted to project manager.


When asked, "What inspires you the most about working at ROSEN?" the tremendous technologies was the first thing to come to mind. “ROSEN also inspires me because it is a family-oriented company. I find that the company offers many opportunities to grow and develop your skills and talents both on a professional and a personal level. It is incredible how fast ROSEN is developing, and to be part of that, especially at our realization site in Oldenzaal, is a dream come true." When asked about her day-to-day work, the best way for her to describe it is one word: teamwork. She is excited to be currently working on projects in Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.


Outside of ROSEN, Louisa enjoys being active, from mountain biking and track to going to the gym whenever she can. In her free time at home, she likes editing drone videos and going surfing occasionally. One thing on her bucket list is living and working outside of Europe, in one of the many ROSEN locations worldwide.