Our employees deserve the best working conditions that allow them to optimally combine job and family life. For this reason, we have launched ROCARE.

ROCARE aims to promote education and training for children and adolescents. It is the umbrella for our three strong brands ROKIDS (bilingual child daycare center), ROBIGS (bilingual grade school) and ROYOUTH (initiative for young people).

ROCARE underlines our commitment to foster enthusiasm for science, technology and language in society. The source of our actions is the conviction that technological innovation furthers the protection and safety of people and the environment.

All ROCARE units are currently available at the ROSEN Group facility in Lingen, Germany, and are also available to children whose parents do not work at ROSEN. For more information please visit www.rocare.de.

ROKIDS – we discover the world.

Our bilingual child daycare center, ROKIDS, has been in operation since 2008. It is located next to the ROSEN facilities and is open to children of all nationalities between eight weeks and six years of age, as well as children with special educational needs. ROKIDS is an educational institution that provides a tailored learning program for the children that focusses on motor skills, games, songs, media and creativity. Our main objectives are consistent bilingual orientation (German and English), and a focus on natural sciences and technology.

ROBIGS – we explore. more.

In 2015, we inaugurated our bilingual grade school ROBIGS in order to support our international professionals who are faced with the challenge of integrating their children into a new language environment. The school is housed under one roof with ROKIDS. As a full-time school, ROBIGS gives schoolchildren the space and time for an individual and self-discovery-oriented learning experience. An additional objective is to provide early access to science and technology.

ROYOUTH – discover your talents.

Since 2016, our youth initiative ROYOUTH has offered educational programs in close collaboration with a number of regional schools, with the aim of supporting adolescents in the discovery and development of their talents. The offers can be used in a classroom setting, with a team, or as part of a competition. It does not matter whether their interests lie in natural sciences and technology, culture or sports. The ROYOUTH initiative intends to promote creativity, autonomy and self-confidence of young people.