We aim to continuously develop our employees and support them in gaining the competencies they need to deliver the quality our customers can expect. Therefore, our employees benefit from continuous development, and have many opportunities to grow with us and enhance their professional and personal skills. We also strive to increase their overall creativity and innovative power.

Development is always based either on company or employee needs and wishes. In a regular structured personal evaluation and development dialogue employees discuss their needs and wishes with their manager and find the best approach to make progress together.

Comprehensive individual development perspectives

Besides giving our employees the opportunity to participate in job-related trainings for best possible performance, we also make it possible to participate in training on subjects that they have a personal interest in. In either case, we support our employees with both temporal and financial resources. In addition, we train employees on soft skills such as management, project management or creativity, and on safety topics.

Fostering employee expertise

Since the work we do is so unique, gaining specialized knowledge is prerequisite for our employees to master their daily tasks. We offer specialized in-house training on our technologies, competencies, software, machines and devices, delivered by our experts. We also offer a variety of opportunities to share knowledge, such as mentoring and coaching, and to learn on the job, like job enrichment and enlargement.

We encourage our people to participate in external training programs and often reimburse the full cost. This includes professional training in line with international industrial standards in order to achieve technology-specific qualifications.

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