Jun 01.

Strive for Zero Incidents

Given that lifetime extension and zero incidents are increasingly important objectives in the pipeline industry, complete pipeline records gain in significance. ILI technology is already used to help close gaps in pipeline records by supporting the verification of key parameters such as diameter and wall thickness. However, for a third critical parameter, material properties, the industry has so far relied primarily on assumptions, since no efficient way of determining this value was available.

Now, ROSEN’s new RoMat PGS service enables to verify a pipeline’s material properties and reliably identify yield strength outliers. This way, weak links in the pipeline’s integrity assessment are eliminated and operational safety increased. Accurate information on every single pipe joint allows for meaningful calculations as part of risk assessment programs or fitness-for-service assessments.

We are pleased to invite you to a free webinar that will outline how to close the gap of unknown material information of your pipeline. The webinar will be presented by our experts in integrity as well as materials and welding, Marianna Bakayeva and Simon Slater.

Join the webinar for:

• technical insights on the technology, and
• an in-depth discussion of the integrity assessment process to uncover the pipeline’s DNA.

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