Sep 10. till Sep 11.

Eddy Current Testing - Current Applications and Developments

In March 2018, the Eddy Current Testing Subcommittee was established in the DGZfP Surface Crack Testing Technical Committee and will be transferred to the Eddy Current Testing Technical Committee in April 2019.
Reason enough to underline the importance of eddy current testing in industrial applications with a technical seminar.

Eddy current testing as a surface method and ultrasonic testing as a volume method are often used in combination in so-called multi-test blocks in the production-accompanying tube and rod defect inspection. The two methods are therefore equally valid next to each other. It is only logical that we do not leave the field to the ultrasonic testers alone in order to promote the corresponding testing method with the presentation of the latest developments and practical testing strategies within the framework of a specialist seminar. The following main topics will be considered:

◾ Material characterization with eddy current
◾ Applied defect inspection with eddy current
◾ Error inspection of pipes (production and maintenance)
◾ Special techniques of eddy current testing
◾ Considerations of the Probability of Detection
◾ Standardization and training

September 10, 20192019-09-10T08:00:00 - September 11, 2019 2019-09-11T06:00:00
Celle (GER)
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