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Tech Talk: Pipeline Integrity Management - Part 2 - Offshore Stream

Pipelines Aging Gracefully - Assuring Longevity through Proactive Corrosion Management:
Ageing is not about how old your equipment is; it is about its condition, and how that is changing over time. Aging assets, like the North Sea’s Forties oil field, which was brought online in 1975 is undergoing further development to extend their operational life beyond 2030, while others are being considered for future offshore hydrogen generation. An ageing asset doesn’t have to mean something that is unmanageable or inoperable (or unprofitable!). However, we are in an era where ageing assets the industry comes under greater regulatory scrutiny and the delicate balance between cost, efficiency, and sustainability continues to be just that, delicate. In order to create a sustainable and profitable future, we need to address integrity challenges in an integrated and strategic manner, always having a long-term strategy in mind. We must learn to be proactive and find answers to the questions like “What might go wrong?” and “How can we prevent incidents?” rather than having to answer the questions “What went wrong?” and “Could we have prevented this incident?”. Although a reactive approach may provide short-term cost savings, it is proactive corrosion management that delivers improved operational reliability and an optimisation of overall asset life-cycle cost.

Ready for a "Quick Fix?" – The Role of EPRS as a Key Component of PIMS:
Offshore Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS), follow on from Emergency Response, providing business continuity by ensuing a repair response is available.
In this talk, we restate the basic process and elements of an EPRS. Look at a few of the challenges operators have experienced in establishing an EPRS, and consider the impact of a low oil price and asset change of ownership. We close this out with a simple self-assessment activity where you can assess your current level of preparedness.

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This session is part of our series “TECH TALKS - Regional sessions on technical topics” with weekly discussions on a diverse range of topics on asset integrity management and regulatory ramifications for the oil and gas industry.

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