Dec 01.

Tech Talk: Session 10 - Material Properties

Material Verification is the process of verifying or re-establishing key data including the strength grade, toughness, wall thickness, seam type and diameter. These data are critical to safe pipeline operation and Integrity Management.

Material properties are fundamental to safe MAOP and operating pressures, being used directly in Fitness for Service assessments to address metal loss and crack-like features. Where material properties are based on general assumptions or incorrect data these assessments are not representative of true properties and can lead to areas of unknown risk and unsafe operation.

Conversion of existing pipelines to hydrogen service also poses risks where material properties are unknown. Firstly, the pipe materials present within a pipeline must be identified, and secondly the risk or susceptibility to embrittlement or hydrogen assisted cracking mechanisms must be identified and assessed.

ROSEN’s Material Property Services work within the Pipeline Integrity Framework to provide a complete and flexible solution to the operator’s specific aims for Material Verification, incorporating In-Line Inspection (ILI), in-situ or destructive testing, engineering assessments and Integrity Management. Central to this approach is RoMat PGS, a unique ILI service that provides the strength and grade for each individual pipe within the inspected pipeline. Moreover, a data integration approach builds upon this data to group pipes into ‘populations’ with shared properties and attributes, creating a ‘Pipeline DNA’ and laying the foundations for fully informed Integrity Management processes for the remaining life of the pipeline.

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