Nov 10.

Tech Talk Tuesday: Session 7 - Outlook: Virtual-Dig Up Service

ROSEN’s Deep Field Analysis (DFA) technology turns the traditional MFL data evaluation process on its head and facilitates fully combined evaluation of axial and circumferential MFL technologies. DFA uses an iterative approach in combination with finite element analysis to calculate accurate 3D metal loss profiles that can be used to improve burst pressure estimates and increase confidence in repair calls.

Application of the technology is demonstrated through a case study for a liquid pipeline operator in Europe. A recent MFL inspection had reported a significant external corrosion anomaly that traditional MFL sizing and integrity assessment methods had indicated was of a critical size. The next step would have been rapidly scheduled pressure reduction, excavation and repair. The local terrain meant that access to the anomaly was challenging, so high confidence in the excavation decision was required. DFA technology was used to generate a 3D profile for the anomaly, and recent developments in burst pressure estimation were used to improve the overall assessment approach. Historic ILI data was used to investigate corrosion activity, provide a characteristic corrosion rate and establish a safe remaining life, avoiding immediate excavation and allowing planned monitoring.

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