Feb 23.

Tech Talk Tuesday: Session 15 – Screening for Suspected Threats

The increasing amount and type of In-line Inspection (ILI) data collected increases the time needed to provide reliable results and the challenges in addressing the most critical concerns in the pipe data. By using recorded data, additional pipe information, and specialized processes, we are able to address the most critical anomalies/areas earlier and redirect our early evaluation efforts to best measure these anomalies and their surrounding areas. This way, we ensure that the most critical anomalies and/or areas in the pipe are communicated to our customers as soon as possible after the run is completed.

Learn more and join our regional session, which will be presented on February 23, 2021 at 11 am (CET).

This session is part of our series “TECH TALKS - Regional sessions on technical topics” with weekly discussions on a diverse range of topics on asset integrity management and regulatory ramifications for the oil and gas industry.

February 23, 20212021-02-23T11:00:00
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