Jun 22.

Virtual Meetup Series: Session 2 – Is Data Really the "New Oil"?

Many of us in the oil and gas industry have become disillusioned with the grandiose promises of “big data” and “artificial intelligence.” So with oil demand seeing record lows lately, perhaps data really is the new oil – just not in the way we had hoped. But what if we dispensed with the buzzwords and silver-bullet solutions and instead focused on small but tangible data-science applications?

Meet Michael Smith as he opens the debate on why operators and service providers need to focus on discrete problems – commensurate to the datasets, technologies and skillsets that are actually accessible within their organizations – so they can see immediate value. With the experience of solving a small problem comes the confidence and competence to pursue a slightly larger one, as well as the buy-in from stakeholders to grow the data-science function across their organization.

Learn more and join our session, which will be presented on June 22, 2021 at 5 pm (CET).

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June 22, 20212021-06-22T05:00:00
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