Jul 06.

Virtual Meetup Series: Session 3 – Do You Need to Be Competent to Have a Successful Career?

We hear a lot about competence development in the pipeline industry, knowing it is a key to developing a young pipeline professional's career. But do we know what it really means? And can you fast-track this development? Is it your responsibility or your employer's? Can you get away without it?
And last but not least, have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Join us to discuss these issues and find out what is next for our Competence Club project at ROSEN.

Learn more and join our session, which will be presented on July 6, 2021 at 2 pm (CET).

This session is part of our Virtual Meetup Series, where you can take your professional development into your own hands through flexible learning formats and exchanges with peers and experts! No matter where you are, take advantage of engaging live calls that increase your skills while you learn at your own pace - and only what is new to you. Quick. Virtual. Live.

July 6, 20212021-07-06T02:00:00
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