Oct 18.

Virtual Meetup Series: Fit for the Future – How to Ensure Your Pipelines Are Ready for Hydrogen

The climate emergency and the current energy crisis have given a new sense of urgency to the energy transition and the need to move to a secure net-zero energy supply. Hydrogen will be integral to this transition, and a consequence is that the existing pipeline infrastructure will be needed to transport hydrogen from places of production to places of demand. The transition to hydrogen will present pipeline operators with new challenges, both operationally and in terms of maintaining the safety and integrity of their networks.

This Meetup will demonstrate the challenges involved and outline a pragmatic, safe, engineering-led solution to address them through a phased integrity-led approach.

This session is part of our Virtual Meetup Series, where you can take your professional development into your own hands. Make use of this flexible learning format and benefit from the exchange with peers and experts! Leverage these live calls to actively discuss specific topics and increase your skills – straightforward and in a very short time.

October 18, 20222022-10-18T08:00:00
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