Jun 28. till Jun 28.

Inline inspections of challenging offshore pipelines

The inline inspection of offshore pipelines is becoming an increasingly challenging task when developing an overall integrity management plan. The unique challenges these assets present requires a continuous examination and extension of the range of solution capabilities.

This webinar will discuss in detail the individual challenges that offshore pipelines present and, in order to illustrate the current state of technical possibilities, four case studies will be presented, each with their own challenges and tailored solutions, including:

• Long-distance inspection of a low-flow gas line
• First-ever self-propelled inspection of a vent line
• Self-propelled inspection of a crude oil flowline
• Crack inspection of a gas export pipeline

The webinar will take place on 28 June at 10:00 CDT and will be hosted by ROSEN experts Tom Steinvoorte and Stefan Vages, alongside KTN expert Ulrich Schneider.

June 28, 20172017-06-28T03:00:00 - June 28, 2017 2017-06-28T04:00:00
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