Sep 25. till Sep 27.

International Pipeline Conference 2018

Visit us at IPC at booth # 512

At this year’s IPC the ROSEN Group will be focusing on challenging pipelines, specifically multi-diameter low pressure gas pipelines, crack management, zeroing in on the framework with the UT-C “ tool, the brand new NIMA service, and the MFL-A Ultra service supported by its track record.

Also, as usual, various subject matter experts will be presenting papers in the technical track sessions. Some of these papers include:

• Competency Standards for the Pipeline Industry
• Assessment of Stress-Based Design Pipelines Experiencing High Axial Strains
• EMAT– a Basis for a Comprehensive System-Wide Crack Management Program
• An Integrated Approach for the Verification of Pipeline Material using latest State-of-the-Art Technologies and Engineering Processes
• Pipeline Data Analytics – Enhanced Corrosion Growth Assessment through Machine Learning
• Formalizing Integrity Management Workflows: Towards Integrity Process Modelling
• The Assessment of Wrinkles Reported by a High-Resolution In-line Inspection Tool
• Application of Machine Learning in ILI – Crack Depth Sizing based on EMAT ILI Data
• Post-Construction ILI Execution Planning Guidelines for Pipeline Quality Verification

A little bit about IPC:
For the 12th time international energy corporations, energy and pipeline associations and regulatory agencies will gather at this not-for-profit conference and proceeds continue to support educational initiatives and research in the pipeline industry. The International Pipeline Conference is designed to inform, enlighten and motivate, therefore we encourage you to actively participate in IPC 2018.

Five days of exceptional value, which you won’t want to miss! We look forward to seeing you there!

September 25, 20182018-09-25T12:00:00 - September 27, 2018 2018-09-27T12:00:00
Calgary (CAN)
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