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Tech Talk: MAOP Re-confirmation and Engineering Critical Assessment – Part 1

Probably the most significant addition to the regulations following issue of the Mega Rule is the requirement for MAOP re-confirmation. Under specific circumstances, and related to whether traceable, verifiable and complete records for establishing MAOP are available, operators are required to reconfirm MAOP. In accordance with 192.624, this can be achieved using six methods. Pressure testing, pressure reduction, replacement or an Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) are the four options that will be considered in the majority of scenarios. Even before proceeding with any kind of MAOP reconfirmation process, establishing covered segments, selecting which method is most appropriate, and developing the required procedures represents a new and significant task that operations must deploy resources to. This session will discuss the details of 192.624 and introduce the aspect of ECAs.

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This session is part of our series “TECH TALKS - Regional sessions on technical topics” with weekly discussions on a diverse range of topics on asset integrity management and regulatory ramifications for the oil and gas industry.

July 8, 20202020-07-08T12:00:00 - July 8, 2020 2020-07-08T03:59:43
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