May 26.

When Digging May Be Deadly - Dealing with Dents with Metal Loss in Today's Climate

Dents interacting with metal loss remain as a significant challenge to operators. Existing regulations require that dents with metal loss be treated as immediate repairs or 60-day repairs, resulting in costly excavations for many operators. At the time when these regulations were written, it was not clear whether in-line inspection technologies could discriminate the nature of the metal loss (i.e. corrosion or mechanical damage) or provide accurate sizing. Furthermore, advanced analysis techniques such as finite element analysis were limited, and fitness-for-service evaluations were not common. While the technological hurdles regarding evaluating interacting dent and metal loss features have been overcome, sensor lift-off remains a challenging issue for magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection tools, as sizing accuracy degrades at larger lift-off distances.

Until recently, the sensor lift-off issue limited the ability to perform engineering critical assessments (ECA), because the metal loss in dent features could not be confidently sized. This presentation demonstrates, how integrated lift-off sensors can be used to quantify the lift-off as the MFL sensors pass over a dent. This technology integration has allowed the confident application of sizing specifications for many dents with metal loss, thereby permitting robust ECAs.

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May 26, 20202020-05-26T03:00:00
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