Oct 07.

PPSA Webinar – A perspective: The future of natural gas globally, in North America and Mexico

The science of climate change is widely agreed upon and climate change is clearly one of the most important global challenges of our time. The oil and natural gas industry is facing technical, operational as well as organizational defies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Whereas many efforts to reduce GHG already exist, making incremental reductions may no longer be enough. Oil as well as the natural gas industry is facing increasing social and environmental pressures and demands to clarify the implications for their operations and business models. At the same time, a path and transition to an all-renewable energy system is not a simple task. Renewables cannot be used uniformly across the energy system to replace the use of fossil fuels today, mostly because of the variance in the ability of different energy subsectors to switch away from fossil fuels. Clean, affordable and reliable energy solutions require coordinated efforts of a range of stakeholders across different sectors. Natural gas may play an important role in the short- to mid-term transition toward sustainable energy systems. This paper provides analysis of industry outlook reports, statistics and the view of the authors about the role of natural gas in the energy mix in the next decades. The focus is North America and in particular those factors affecting the development of Mexico’s natural gas sector.

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