Oct 12.

Virtual Meetup Series: Session 6 – What's on the horizon for public awareness?

Many of us in the oil and gas industry recognize the importance of communicating with the affected public and raising awareness of how to recognize and respond to potential hazards of transporting hazardous materials. The industry has communicated numerous pipeline safety messages with the public, excavators, public officials, and emergency officials and the industry continues to seek opportunities to expand and improve the effectiveness of public awareness initiatives. Currently the first edition of API RP 1162, Public Awareness Programs for Operators is incorporated by reference in federal regulations. The second edition was never adopted into federal regulations, and as the industry develops the third edition of API, RP1162 Public Awareness Programs for Operators, the future of public awareness is a focal topic of discussion for many industry stakeholders.

Meet Dr. Christie Murray as she opens the discussion on current public awareness regulations and invite a conversation with industry stakeholders on what may be on the horizon with public awareness.

Learn more and join our session, which will be presented on October 12, 2021 at 12 pm (CDT).

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