May 17.

Virtual Meetup Series: A Young Engineer's Perspective on Hydrogen

In the pursuit of meeting the world’s energy demands and climate goals, renewable energy sources have proven invaluable. Hydrogen, historically utilized in the industrial sector, has shown potential for residential applications as a supplement or replacement for natural gas.

During this Meetup session, you will meet with a panel of Young and Senior Pipeline Engineers who will discuss their experiences and general insights and perspectives regarding hydrogen as an energy source. We are interested in your views and/or experiences in this area.

This session is part of our Virtual Meetup Series, where you can take your professional development into your own hands. Make use of this flexible learning format and benefit from the exchange with peers and experts! Leverage these live calls to actively discuss specific topics and increase your skills – straightforward and in a very short time.

May 17, 20222022-05-17T08:00:00
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