Nov 09. till Nov 11.

Rio Pipeline Conference 2021

Rio Pipeline is the meeting between the most diverse participants in this segment, permeated by high-importance technical content, networking and a business environment. With the participation of specialists from all over the world, the event provides a qualified debate on improving the efficiency, quality and safety of transport by pipelines, including the objective of building a communication channel and a relationship of trust between sector and society, explaining the benefits and importance of this activity for the development of countries.

At ROSEN, we strive to enable asset operators to make the best possible integrity management decisions. Each time an inspection of any given asset takes place, an enormous amount of data accumulates. Taking this raw data and cleaning, interpreting and analyzing it allows us to transform data into information and information into knowledge. Knowledge enables smarter decision-making.

At the Rio Pipeline 2021, we will highlight a series of pipeline integrity solutions including our Pipeline Integrity Framework for Cracking, Applications for Low Pressure Pipelines and Offshore Asset Care.

We look forward to meeting you online!

November 9, 20212021-11-09T09:00:00 - November 11, 2021 2021-11-11T06:30:00
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