Jun 17.

Tech Talk: ILI en Bajo Flujo: Gasoductos de Baja Presión

Most of today’s gas transmission and distribution systems can be inspected using available in-line inspection (ILI) technology. While this is applicable to the majority of pipeline systems, a certain portion of pipeline segments, especially in the small-diameter E&P and distribution sector, remains unpiggable or difficult to inspect. This is mainly due to adverse operating conditions or challenging installations, such as B2B 1.5D bends. When it comes to properly assessing the integrity of these assets, different options for data gathering are usually evaluated, e.g. hydro-testing, batching, ECDA, and in-line inspection. With in-line inspection beeing the preferred assessment method and often also the most cost effective, improved solutions for these more complex pipeline segments are required.

This Tech Talk will present the ROSEN way to address these challenges and provide some insight in recent examples of ILI. These case studies will provide a cost efficient solution without any compromise in quality and pipeline integrity.

Learn more and join our regional session, which will be presented on June 17 at 4 pm (GMT-5) / 6 pm (GMT-3).

This session is part of our series “TECH TALKS - Regional sessions on technical topics” with weekly discussions on a diverse range of topics on asset integrity management and regulatory ramifications for the oil and gas industry.

June 17, 20212021-06-17T10:30:00
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