Geometry and Mapping
Shape up Your Pipe

ROSEN's excellent geometry and mapping services deliver clear and actionable reporting. Complemented by a variety of corresponding defect assessment services and digital solutions that perfectly fit your data management needs, our RoGeo Services play a crucial part in developing an efficient and effective integrity management strategy.

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Performance to the Extreme
Trusted Experts for Offshore Asset Care

Performing in the offshore arena means performing under extreme conditions. Therefore, experts and technologies are called for that not only cope with, but excel in the face of the challenges they are presented with. Turn to ROSEN's experienced team of offshore experts for flexible, multi-purpose, and future-proof solutions.

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Pipeline Cleaning Solutions
The smart way to efficiency

With a network of highly qualified engineering support centers worldwide, the ROSEN Group is able to create and provide expert, customized cleaning solutions for our customers. With the support of our operating units around the globe, we help you maintain your pipelines, increase operational performance, and extend the operational lifecycle of your valuable assets.

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Material & Pipe Properties
Take a smart look into your pipe wall

To ensure safe, profitable and code-compliant operation of a pipeline throughout its life cycle, pipeline operators have to provide traceable, verifiable and complete design and construction records of the entire pipeline. ROSEN’s RoMat service suite helps pipeline operators to reveal the uncertainties of their pipeline walls.

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Advanced Pipeline Diagnostics
Take control of cracks

Cracks threaten pipeline integrity. And pipeline cracks are not all the same. ROSEN Crack Detection Services identify a variety of crack formations, including cracks in the pipe body and cracks located in the complex geometry of girth welds and seam welds.

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Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics
Solutions. Because we can.

Our goal is to develop specialized solutions that not only give operators the means to have the pipeline inspected, but also to provide a comprehensive integrity assessment if required. The unique ROSEN Inspection Toolbox allows us to be flexible and provide fast results in the form of tailored solutions that address and solve specific challenges.

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Tank Terminals
Addressing reliability and integrity

Storage facilities must withstand many adversities: corrosion, cracking, mechanical and metallurgical damage, weld quality issues, leaking valves – all of these represent potential threats that may harm the owner’s valuable assets. ROSEN’s global on-site support team offers inspection and integrity service support that reduces out-of-service costs.

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Inspection of Corrosion Under Pipe Supports
Enabling fast identification and assessment

Corrosion under pipe supports is one of the leading causes of topside process piping failure. ROSEN offers an automated scan system for reliably detecting and sizing corrosion under pipe supports, including pitting.

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Industrial Diagnostics
Soundness you can count on

What would it be like if the quality of pre-products and other steel products could be inspected continuously during the production process, non-destructively, reliably and automated? With ROSEN you get more than just a testing system – you get a promise: There’s no better way to ensure quality.

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Integrity Solutions
Trusted expertise

Is your job ‘safe operation’? So is ours! ROSEN’s products and services support all the critical aspects of the integrity management process. We are proud of our position as the knowledge hub for the inspection and analysis of oil and gas assets.

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Intelligent Plastic Solutions
Reduce abrasion – increase uptime

With state-of-the-art equipment, the ROSEN Group is the perfect partner for projects where plastics are linked with systems like sensors, loggers or software. The company develops and manufactures high performance elastomers, internal and external coatings, and smart plastic systems for a wide range of applications and industries such as oil and gas, mining, tunneling or wind energy.

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Education Systems and Services
Investing in Competence

ROSEN Education Systems and Services offers learning programs of different technical levels that enable professionals in the oil and gas industry to continuously deepen their expertise. Operators who give their employees access to these programs can be sure of a constant increase of certified competence within their company.

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Insonify your flow
ROSEN EMAT Flowmeter

ROSEN has a long history of using Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT) for the inspection of oil & gas pipelines. We have now refined this technology to create an industrial flowmeter for liquid, gas, steam and multiphase applications.

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R3 Service
Responsive. Rapid. Reliable.

Are your inspections delayed due to tool availability? Are you tired of waiting endlessly for inspection reports to start your internal integrity process? ROSEN’s new R3 Service is the ultimate solution to address these challenges.

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Solutions for the Mining Industry
Ensure performance at highest level

In the highly demanding mining industry, plant availability, extended life-cycles and minimized down time are high commercial priorities. rosen’s diversifed portfolio offers tailor made solutions to reduce production costs, make mining plants signifcantly more cost-effective and ensure performance at highest level.

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The ROSEN Group
For every challenge we find a solution

ROSEN is a leading privately owned company established in 1981 by Hermann Rosen in Lingen, Lower Saxony, Germany. Over the last thirty-five years, ROSEN has grown rapidly and is today a worldwide provider of leading technology in all areas of the integrity process chain with more than 4,000 employees in over 120 countries worldwide.

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ROSEN Group in Germany
Top Technologies for the Protection of People and the Environment

The location in Lingen (Ems) is the ROSEN Group's oldest location and - with more than 1,300 employees - it's also the largest. Experts from all areas of the company work here in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge technologies designed to protect people and the environment and in supporting the entire ROSEN Group in all technological aspects. Further locations of the ROSEN Group in Germany are Stutensee (Karlsruhe), Osnabrück, Alzenau, Frankenthal, Bremen and Dresden.

ROSEN Group in Germany - English version

ROSEN Gruppe in Lingen (Ems) - Deutsche Version