Stans, Switzerland, 16 January, 2017 – MACAW Engineering Ltd., a member of the ROSEN Group, will provide its services under the ROSEN brand.

Stans, Switzerland, 16 January, 2017Starting 16 January, 2017, MACAW Engineering Ltd., a member of the ROSEN Group, will provide its services under the ROSEN brand.

MACAW and the ROSEN Group have been working together very effectively since 2006 and have built a strong relationship based on providing integrity services for industrial assets. With a common goal to provide the best possible support to operators, the decision was made to integrate all services under one brand. There will be no personnel changes, and the services will continue to be provided by the trusted experts. 

Operators will still have access to an integrated worldwide team. Experts in all areas of asset integrity are available to provide everything necessary for high-quality, safe and efficient asset integrity management. 

Roland Palmer-Jones, ROSEN global business line manager for integrity services, said, “Aligning all our services under one brand will simplify our customer relationships and demonstrate our commitment to making ROSEN the world’s leading specialist for ensuring the integrity of industrial assets.”

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About the ROSEN Group

ROSEN is a leading privately owned company established in 1981 by Hermann Rosen in Lingen, Lower Saxony, Germany. Over the last thirty-five years, ROSEN has grown rapidly and is today a worldwide provider of leading technology in all areas of the integrity process chain with more than 2,800 employees in over 120 countries worldwide.

The four key ROSEN areas of expertise include:

  • Inspection of critical industrial assets to ensure reliable operations of the highest standards and effectiveness
  • Customized engineering consultancy providing efficient asset integrity management
  • Production and supply of customized novel systems and products
  • Market-driven, topical, state-of-the-art research and development providing “added value” products and services

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